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The latest film by Pedro Almodovar called THE SKIN I LIVE IN managed to stir up a lot of controversy during the Cannes Film Festival last month.  Controversy aside, the film has locked an official theatrical release date for later this year on October 7th via Sony Pictures Classics.

"The film will be a terror film, without screams or scares," said Almodovar in a recent interview. "It's difficult to define, and although it comes close to the terror genre -- something that appeals to me that I've never done -- I won't respect any of its rules. It's the harshest film I've ever written, and Banderas' character is brutal."

Sounds like the feel-good movie of the year, no? Look for more on THE SKIN I LIVE IN soon!

Official Synopsis:

Ever since his wife was burned in a car crash, Dr. Robert Ledgard, an eminent plastic surgeon, has been interested in creating a new skin with which he could have saved her. After twelve years, he manages to cultivate a skin that is a real shield against every assault. In addition to years of study and experimentation, Robert needed a further three things: no scruples, an accomplice and a human guinea pig. Scruples were never a problem. Marilia, the woman who looked after him from the day he was born, is his most faithful accomplice. And as for the human guinea pig ...


- Heather Wixson

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