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Previously on Terrortube, (wow that sounds like the intro to a soap opera) we had news about a Pittsburgh screenwriter taking the big plunge and producing her own horror film. This film is entitled “All Saints Eve” and the screenwriter/producer in question is Elizabeth Rossi. Let’s tune in and see what Rossi is up to now, and find out more on her project and current state of production.

Also feel free to visit Elizabeth’s website at www.allsaintsfilms.com and a huge thank you goes out to her for taking the time forErossi this Q and A and stay tuned after the interview for more information on how you can get involved with the project!

TERRORTUBE:  What is your screenplay All Saints Eve all about?

“A general synopsis reads: This horrific mystery begins in the 1700's when a sinister preacher leads an angry church mob to murder a farmer and his family, all in the name of the Lord and all to gain the coveted McKale farmland. In his dying breathe, the farmer incites an evil curse and vows his vengeance.  All remains calm for centuries until one fateful night ... the night when restless souls rise in search of peace ... the night of All Saints Eve when the curse is accidentally unleashed and a group of misfit friends must fight to stay alive, discover the truth and solve the criminal mystery before its too late.” 

The underlying themes in the film are really meant to contrast the differences between organized religion which is often filled with man-made traditions and laws, versus a more simplistic spiritual faith. 

TERROR:  What inspired the story?

“For years standing in lines at Halloween haunted houses, I would wonder what would happen if one of these hired ghouls actually went nuts and started killing people … who would know?  People would think its all an act.  So I based the story around religious-martyr style slayings that take place at a seasonal spook house.”

TERROR: What made you decide to go the self-producing route and to form All Saints films?

“A lot of the production companies I was talking to wanted to significantly change parts of the script.  Other produced writers I spoke with told me the same tale about their scripts.  So during one of my recent trips to LA, my brother in Hollywood who had just finished his first movie  suggested producing it myself – at first I laughed, but after a few months decided it was the right route to go to stay true to the essence of the story.”

TERROR: Who is taking the director credit?  

“John Kelly will be directing the film.  He is a very creative mind who brings a lot of ideas and experience to the table.  We’re very excited to have him on board with the project.”

TERROR: Please tell us about the "Fund-A-Frame offer on your website. 

“To help raise funds for the film and generate regional support for the media arts, the Fund-A-Frame idea was brought to life.  This basically allows anyone with an interest in artistic endeavors such as indie films to help support the cause by funding one frame in the film.  In exchange, the person receives an 8x10” photo print out of the frame autographed by the cast/crew, and their name will appear in ending credits.” 

TERROR:. Can you tell us about the casting process and is there any insider dirt you can share ala tabloid style? Any crazy table dancing at the cast party?

“The casting process was a lot of fun and very interesting… a lot of great talent showed up to audition and it was a tough choice on the final selections so we had multiple call-backs.  The final cast is posted on the website now.  Unfortunately no table dancing was involved at the cast party but its definitely something to keep in mind for the next one.”

TERROR:  How far along is the film in production?

“The first day of shooting is this month, and we’re hoping to get the majority of our daylight exterior shots during the change of seasons.  Principle photography will continue through December or possibly January.  Post production should take us through May.”

TERROR: Any theorized or hopeful release date, and are you aiming for any sort of theatrical distribution?

“We’re look at a nationwide release date in the fall of 2008, possibly September or early October to coincide with the actual date of All Saints Eve.  There are several distributors we are talking to at this point, and it could be a theatrical release, straight to DVD, or possibly an HBO or cable movie – I guess depending on the actual execution of the project and how well it goes.”

TERROR: Do you have future plans for All Saints Films already?

“Yes.  I’m organizing thoughts for a sequel at this point and possibly considering taking on additional project based on the success and popularity of this film.”

TERROR: Tell us about some of your favorite movies, and of course favorite horror movie.

“Ironically the horror genre isn’t my absolute favorite because I scare fairly easily.  From the horror genre I like the classics like ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Night of the Living Dead’, ‘Halloween’, and more recent ones such as ‘Exorcism of Emily Rose’, and ‘Saw’.”

TERROR: Thank you for taking the time to be with us of the horrible written internet word; yes that is a two way statement alluding to the awesome fact that this is a horror site and making fun of the crappy introduction I typed for this piece. Check out the picture though, Rossi has the looks to keep you tuning into a soap opera that’s for sure, but that’s crossing the line into a different sort of reporting.

As for the Fund-A-Frame feature, a posting with a link reminder will be in the Terrortube forum "Sell Your Soul" area if you are interested in a small worthwhile, and unique investment. Also keep visiting Terrortube for more news and the chance to get a piece of movie history yourself with us getting you a frame and credit in the film!

- Wes Laurie

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