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There are many famous “hammers” throughout the annuals of history. The hammer of Thor, M.C. Hammer, and then in the horror genre Hammer is a name associated with some of the classics. However, there is another hammer looking to smash its way to the top as a recognizable film icon and that is Velvet Hammer Films. You may wonder how such a company intends to wield power comparable to Thor’s or catch on like M.C. Hammer’s parachute pants within the horror genre. Or if you are an avid drinker you may wonder if Velvet Hammer Films will bring you the mind altering fix like the coffee and booze mixed drink of a similar name.

Naked Beneath the Water is an upcoming film directed by Mr. Sean Cain, co-founder of Velvet Hammer Films. I came across the movie trailer for the film and instantly knew I should track down someone involved with it and bug them with a questionnaire. The director Sean Cain was kind enough to provide the A’s to my Q’s in an interview and thanks goes out to him and Velvet Hammer Films. Be sure to check out their main site at www.velvethammerfilms.com and add their Myspace page to your friends list: http://www.myspace.com/unlickedcub

Naked Beneath the Water has its own section of the web as well: www.nakedbeneaththewater.com

The Synopsis:

“Pelle's brother has been missing for a month...

...when a mysterious phone call directs him to the top rated reality show, Public Enemy Number One. It's akey_art_72 nasty piece of work where contestants tape their murders and battle it out to be the top killer for that year.

When Pelle realizes the brutal chainsaw murder was filmed in his brother's apartment he goes there to see if the footage is real. Little does he know he's stepped into a vicious contest of famous past Public Enemies and those who will take their place.”

The Sean Cain interview:

TERRORTUBE: Aside from directing and running Velvet Hammer Films are there other things you are associated with?

“I recently began working with Under the Bed Films, a horror film distribution company. When they picked up “Naked Beneath the Water” I mentioned that I was interested in finding out more about this end of the business. So, for the past few months I’ve been managing their horror titles. It’s been an eye opener to see how movies are perceived from the buyers point of view.”

TERROR: The trailer for Naked Beneath the Water seems pretty intense, would you say there is a high energy level maintained thru the film?

“Some have accused me of making a European horror film. Which I find to be a compliment considering some of my favorite horror films are Polanski’s, “The Tenant” and “Rosemary’s Baby”. Where disturbing images take precedence over tits and gore.

Eric Campos at Film Threat said it best: “Naked Beneath the Water desires your full attention, and if you’re generous enough, you’ll find it giving you in return quite a nasty little thrill ride, perverse and untamed.” So while parts of the film do have a lot of energy, especially those that have to do with the reality show, the movie isn’t exactly what you think its going to be.”

TERROR: Where did the name and idea for the movie come from?

“I had originally started working on this film in 1992 and finished a version of it in 1995. The title of the film was directly related to the end of the movie. The new 2008 version (where about 60% has been re-shot) has a radically different ending, but I still liked the title. As for the storyline, we weren’t saturated with reality TV back then. “MTV’s The Real World” was brand new! But from that I could see how regular people might go to great lengths to become famous. Of course, this idea isn’t as unique now as it was fifteen years ago.”

TERROR: Any injuries or real life horror stories from the set?

“The only injury was to my hair. My character, Pelle Svanslos, gets his head shaved. So, there were a number of times I had to go under the shears because we filmed over a period of time. They say it never grows back like before. So, I blame any receding hairline on this film.

The only other time we came close to having injuries was on the last day of the shoot where we blew up some stuff. But you’ll be able to see that whole set of high jinx on the behind the scenes special feature of the DVD.”

TERROR: Naked Beneath the Water comes out on DVD in January, will there be any special features?

“The special features include: Audio commentary, Behind the scenes (“The Big Boom”), Theatrical trailer, Extended Scenes, Bloopers, Interview and a special Easter Egg with the original ending.”

TERROR: You graduated from the film department of San Francisco State, would you say film school is an important step for wannabe filmmakers?

“Not at all. You learn about making films by actually making them. I’m thankful for the time I spent at San Francisco State, but for other reasons. My real schooling came off campus. I was fortunate enough to have a mentor who taught me the nuts and bolts of filmmaking. This type of up close opportunity is hard to come by, but anyone who is thinking about making movies should spend time on a set helping out. Watch what they do. Even if they suck. Then at least you know what not to do.”

TERROR: Overall, what have been your influences would you say as a filmmaker?

“When I was 12 I was flipping through cable TV and happened to land on Kubrick’s, “A Clockwork Orange”. It was right in the middle of the Singing in the Rain scene where the droogies are raping that woman with giant penis looking things on their noses. I’ve been trying to get those visuals out of my head ever since. Perhaps filmmaking is just a cheaper form of therapy for me.”

TERROR: What would you say is the greatest challenge for someone trying to get their horror movie made and “out there”, and any advice on breaking past any obstacles?

“Passion is the greatest challenge. Because making movies is such a long and involved process. Passion is what gets you through the darkest of nights. Boobs also help. It’s a great marketing tool to get a film sold. Because most horror films are watched by a horny guys who want to see blood and nude women showering.

The sad truth is that a lot of horror movies out there are terrible and nobody cares. You can sell a film as long as you have a hook for the distribution people to market. Something for the buyers to latch on to. This could be names, lots of nudity, a recommendation from Howard Stern, some kind of real life serial killer recognition. Then wrap that up with a professional looking DVD cover.

So, first get a hook. Then try not to settle for making a pile of crap. Put some effort into it. Hopefully, then you’ll have a long and prosperous career.”

TERROR: What are you currently working on?

“I have a couple of projects in the works. One is a re-imagining of Dracula which could launch a franchise not unlike the old Universal monster movies of the 30’s & 40’s. I’ve already approached Bruce Campbell and as soon as the money comes in it’s a go.”

- Wes Laurie

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