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Actress Penny Drake has such a cool name that I don’t need to type up a flashy intro here. Horror fans: I interviewed Penny Drake and here it is: feast upon her every word with your eyes and minds. Thanks goes out to Penny for taking the time to chat with me and everyone should be sure to check out the links below and go pick up some of the movies she appears in as well.

TERRORTUBE: What are the biggest things in Texas and are you a Hollywood girl now?

“The biggest thing in Texas IS Texas…have you seen the size of that state???  I think we seriously gyped Oklahoma and Louisiana out of land.  Kinda got a little greedy there.  I am very much a Texas girl at heart, but with an LA city flair.  What does that mean???  I have hung on to my work ethics and relate-ability, but my jeans cost me $200."

TT: How did you get into acting?

"Well, I finished college with a degree in Photojournalism…and realized that I did not want to be a photojournalist.  (Thanks forpenny paying for college, Mom and Dad!)  So I decided to try out acting and landed my first national commercial, then booked SIN CITY by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and knew that this was what I wanted to do.  I’ve been steadily working ever since."

TT: What sort of movie roles interest you the most? 

"Paying ones. (she laughs)  Ok, ok…paying ones that let me have a lot of fun.  And by a lot of fun, I mean playing the villain or getting to learn something new about myself by becoming someone else and experiencing a different POV.  And COMEDY!!!  I love comedy.  Physical comedy is the best!"

TT: You seem to be comfortable with nudity, what is something that you’re not comfortable with?

Nudity has never been an issue for me as long as it makes sense for the character.  I  have actually refused nudity when the point of it was gratuitous and simply to put more erections in the theater seats.   Doing super gory things can be…rough.  There was a scene I did in ZOMBIE STRIPPERS where Jenna Jameson, Roxy Saint and I had to munch down on some gruesome human remains and bloody flesh created by special FX.  I gagged four times.  And I spotted a “brain” and I had to push it aside and I believe I said, “Oohhh, brains, I can’t do that.”  And then I went on to chew on some intestines and an arm bone."

TT: The Slaughter: An Evil Dead rip off or a proud moment in cinema history?

"Ha ha.  You know, I’ve never really actually watched THE SLAUGHTER in its entirety.  It was a movie that Production HQ created to put out there on the market to turn a quick profit to fund a film that they had on the back burner.  They honestly didn’t expect the public at large to really get the fact that it was INTENDED to be cheesy, over acted and a spoof.  The reaction and support that the horror community gave, simply made Prod HQ excited to continue in that genre and to try to give back bigger and better products that could keep all horror fans excited and wanting more from them."

TT: You were an Old Town Girl in the first Sin City. Will you get to be involved with the sequel at all?

"Working on SIN CITY was my first movie set experience.  Boy was I spoiled!  After I completed my first low budget gig, I realized just how spoiled I was by Robert Rodriguez’s studios and craft services.  Robert is an amazing director and Frank Miller was very much involved with the whole creation of the film.  I would LOVE to be considered for SIN CITY 2 and get a chance to work with them again.  Just waiting by my phone.  CALL ME, ROB!"

TT: Who is sexier: Jenna Jameson or Robert Englund?

"Although I freakin’ loved to work with Robert, who is one of the best co-stars you can get lucky enough to share a set with, I gotta honestly respond with Jenna.  I mean…here we are, totally gored out in decaying special FX makeup working the stripper pole, in ZOMBIE STRIPPERS.  I’m all creepy and exorcist–like…and Jenna…still f-ing HOT as ever!  I even told her, with all that gunk on, she is still so commanding and sexual and powerful….that it really bothered me to kind of still be turned on by her. "

TT: How fun or not fun was the Necrosis shoot?

"Ah, jeez.  The NECROSIS shoot was all about how many times George Stults was going to fart on me.  We had a slip-and-fall count for all of the klutzes on set to keep track of their ass-busting.  What we should have had was a Stults fart-o-meter to keep track of his flatulents.  That guy is sooo gassy.  But that was the general comradery on set.  Not that all of us were farting all over the place, but we got along like family and tried to make the best of an overly snowy and cold condition.  We all knew what we were signing on for when we were sent pics of the location.  I think the cast and crew did a great job of dealing with the elements and keeping up the energy for a great psychological thriller."

TT: If you can name your favorite horror movie and/or just your favorite movie in general.

"I am such a sucker for LABYRINTH.  It was my first introduction to David Bowie…and David Bowie’s package…that bulge got a lot of screen time and it was lit pretty nicely.  And I like puppets…in a really creepy way."

TT: Any career goals outside of acting?
"I would like acting to be my primary career (wouldn’t we all).  But I have lots of hobbies  and interests that I enjoy keeping active within, such as photography and painting.  No goals for those.  Just enjoy the decompression I derive from both mediums."

TT: Any advice for would be actresses or actors?
"If I knew what the equation was to being successful in Hollywood, I would write a book and be making millions as an author and not an actor.  I always try to encourage other actors to really know their industry, to be familiar with casting directors, production companies, studios and the general manner in which the entertainment industry works.  Be grateful for performing ANY role on a set, be it a lead role or girl #2, because your attitude on a set could earn you a larger role in that production company’s next film.  Being a fun, attentive and manageable person to work with can earn you more work."

TT: Please fill us in on any up coming gigs, appearances, movies, or anything else you’ll be doing where a stalker can get his fix of Penny Drake.
 "Mmmmmmm….stalkers….add a little salt and they make a nice snack.

THE COOK is currently out on DVD, distributed by Anchor Bay. 

ZOMBIE STRIPERS is in theaters, starting April 18th, you can find local listings at:

NECROSIS is currently in post production.

FANGORIA’S WEEKEND OF HORRORS is here at the Los Angeles Convention Center, April 25th-27th.  I will be doing signings for NECROSIS and THE COOK.  Plus, I am up for the first ever Fangoria Spooksmodel and will be attending several of the scheduled events to network with the horror community.  Final vote for the winner is set to happen on the last day of Fangoria, April 27th. 
Make sure to vote for me, Penny Leigh Drake, at:

People can also feel free to add me on myspace, www.myspace.com/pennydrake
and check out my website www.pennydrake.com where I post a lot of pics and behind the scenes images that I take."

- Wes Laurie

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