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Life can inspire art. Art can inspire life. Art can inspire art. Life can inspire life. All of this could possibly be portrayed in permanent ink on your skin if you so desired, perhaps as simple as getting Rob Zombie’s face tattooed on a butt cheek, you could express the darkest and brightest aspects of your own existence or the existence of powers of personal importance to you. However, you don’t want to have some half-drunk, cross-eyed biker tranny two days into a meth binge to start stabbing stick figure art under your skin. This is where a professional of the dark arts comes in handy, for example STORM of Art On You Studios.

I came across the man named Storm in the ultimate corporate evil setting of Myspace, drawn to his profile by some horror genre art displayed on the flesh of his victims, er, I mean clients. Tattoos and the horror genre both fit well together as creatively expressive and never ending arts. So, let us go into the mind of one of these artist and interview Storm. Or actually how about I ask him some questions and then you read them.

Thanks to Storm for taking the time to answer the following and for interested readers, be sure to click on the links throughout to see some stuff you might be of the personal opinion to call cool.

Who are you and what are you doing holding those needles?
A: My name is Storm.  I am a Dark Artist and Tattoo Artist in the Salt Lake Valley.  Currently, I tattoo at Attatude Tattoo & Piercing. Also, I own and operate Art on You Studios, and am pursuing an ambitious project that I have dubbed, Darkism.  You can view and read more about Art on You Studios at: www.artonyou.com  -or- www.myspace.com/artonyou.  Everyone will be to able read and view more about Darkism very soon at:  www.darkism.com.

Are you into piercing as well as tattoos?
A: Yes.  At the moment I'm only qualified to do Standard piercing however.

A lot of your art is quite dark, ever do the occasional dolphin or Patrick Swayze Centaur? (which is of course a half horse, half Swayze creature that rides around on rainbows)
A: Dark Art is merely my forte.  As much as I would like to be booked each week with nothing but Horror portraits, I've yet to create that sort of demand.  Most of my bread and butter is made through the production of far more mainstream imagery such as floral, tribal, kanji, etc.

I see a Rob Zombie portrait featured on your Myspace, what do you think of Rob’s movies?
A: Rob Zombie's work is fantastic!  Young directors like Zombie and Eli Roth bring a wonderful breath of undead air to the genre.

What makes Pinhead so cool?
A: Clive Barker's character has become a cultural icon, I believe, because it evokes feelings we can all relate to.  What has been labeled by Mr. Barker as a cenobite, is a supernatural, immortal creature.  I think that many of desire such powers and infinite life spans.  Who hasn't encountered a member of the "herd" at Walmart that we would love to punish through a series of horrible tortures?  I think we also relate to the character's compassionate side as well as its sinister aspect.  Further, Pinhead is deeply interested in hedonistic acts of extreme erotica - who doesn't like that?

One of the most common mistakes people make about Satanist is perhaps that they worship a red horned dude, what would you say is another point of ignorance most people have in regards to what the religion is about?
A: Several.  Everything from creating stereotypes about how all Satanists dress, act, and enjoy the same things, to the usual misconceptions with Devil Worship.  Interests and personal aesthetics held by individual members of the Church of Satan are wide and varied.  Although I might submit that we all have a very special place for Samhain (Halloween).  To quickly clear up the usual misinterpretations:
*Satanism is a philosophy NOT a faith religion or theology.
*Those who bare the moniker of Satanist adhere to the philosophies as codified by Anton Szandor LaVey in the "Satanic Bible" and furthered by the hierarchy of the Church of Satan - period.  That doesn't mean that one must be a "card-carrying member" to be considered a Satanist, but that one follows the philosophies and rules of our cabal.  All others are pseudo-satanists or devil worshippers.
*Satanists and members who comprise the order of the CoS DON'T engage in, condone, or advocate: illegal activity, human or animal sacrifices, blood drinking or other acts of cannibalism, abuse of children, unjustified acts of violence, nor do we subscribe to archaic notions of invisible, supernatural deities and the worship thereof.
Remember, Knowledge is Power! Read & Learn more from the Source:

What do you do with a Spring Equinox Altar?
A: Our altars are used in Rituals that we conduct.  These rituals take place in what we call The Intellectual Decompression Chamber.   Again, don't mistake terms such as "altar" or "ritual" with elements that are found in deified belief systems or works of fiction.  If you would like to learn more about Satanism, perhaps I can divulge more in a future interview, or you may visit the source already noted.

You make horror dolls, do you display them in your home? And feel free to tell us what possesses you to create such things.
A: I have always been drawn to dark visions and the manifestation of artwork inspired by the darker forces of nature.  Taking discarded children's toys and playing Dr. Frankenstein, I believe, stems from childhood attractions to Horror.  Nearly everything that is posted on my website is already sold and in private collections.  However, my Queen requested that I create a "Greenwoman" for her which is now on display in our living room.  There are a few others I have kept that also linger around our manor.

The coolest celebrity you’ve met was…
A: "Cool" is a matter of personal opinion.  Fortunately, none of the people we have met were impolite.  I would have to say that I personally found Evan Seinfeld/ Tera Patrick, Criss Angel and Dani Filth to be among my favorites.  They are the ones whom I've had the opportunity to carry on some sort of conversation with.  Dani, of course, I had the honor of interviewing for my forthcoming book, Darkism, to be released Spring of 2009.

Any thoughts on the 2008 presidential election?
A: This could also be a whole separate interview.  I will simply say that my Queen and I officially endorse the Obama/ Biden ticket.  I truly believe that Obama possesses the qualities necessary to bring about the change this country desperately needs.

Finally, horror movies being a big chunk of what we cover on our site, what is one of the best horror movies and one of the worst you have seen?
A: There are many I can watch again and again.  Among them are: "Frankenstein" (1931), "Dracula" (1931), "Night of the Living Dead" (1968), "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" (1972), "Hellraiser" (1987) and quite possibly my favorite, "Dracula" (1992).

Even though I have almost nothing bad to say about the works of Dani Filth - there is one.  "Cradle of Fear" has got to be one of the worst Horror films I have ever endured.  There's no doubt in my mind that he has the nightmarish imagination to produce something that is as fantastic as Rob Zombie's work, but he has yet to make such a film.

- Wes Laurie

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