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When a horror movie is titled “Naked Beneath The Water” you may expect certain things to be delivered. However, with the Sean Cain directed movie “Naked Beneath The Water” one should read the title with a more intellectual approach ala “We are all naked beneath our clothes.” Then again even guys are thinking of nude coeds in water when they read the title( at least they should), so I just thought I would warn up front: this isn’t a soft core porn horror; it’s psychological nudity. (yeah, there are boobs though.)

Naked Beneath The Water was not only directed by Sean Cain, but also written by him, produced by him, and starring him. I’m sure he did other things on it as well, like editing or on-set tickling. Actually, tickling taking place on the set of Naked Beneath The Water is a rumor I made up, just now, in the previous line; such a naughty production.

Aside from Sean Cain the movie also features Bonnie Steiger, Richard Teran, Randal Malone, Serge Fedorov, Jim Wright, and various other actors who also have names. The official plot synopsis as lifted from the official website reads:

“Pelle's brother has been missing for a month...

...when a mysterious phone call directs him to the top rated reality show, Public Enemy Number One. It's a nasty piece of work where contestants tape their murders and battle it out to be the top killer for that year.

When Pelle realizes the brutal chainsaw murder was filmed in his brother's apartment he goes there to see if the footage is real. Little does he know he's stepped into a vicious contest of famous past Public Enemies and those who will take their place.”

Naked Beneath The Water is the type of movie that should be shown at film school and analyzed. Why? Because it is a prime example of the journey that is Indie filmmaking. The movie was originally finished in the mid-nineties, but then later Cain went back and re-shot much of the movie for the 2008 release. This becomes quite apparent when you notice him within the movie looking different from scene to scene, as in his hair and such: you might get confused and think there is some sort of twin twist going on. Choose to believe such if you will, but I’m thinking there weren’t any twins doing the twist and this is just one interesting aspect of the movie that makes for good “outside the fiction” analysis.

Am I saying this should be viewed in film classes as an example of bad movie making? No, I’m not, there is intelligence behind some of the bad acting and a sense of dedication behind the low production budget. The plot involving reality shows and murder may seem like a cliché in some aspects due to the overabundance of people making such commentaries in the past few years, but back when it was originally conceived it was fresh. Perhaps not as ahead of the curb as Running Man, but right up there with giving you something to think about. In this aspect you can think of Naked Beneath The Water like Rip Van Winkle. He was a fresh youth with bright ideas and good looks, perhaps a bit raw, but likeable. However, he wasn’t noticed and went to sleep and then awoke not as fresh and young, with a big beard and looking more like the Uni-bomber. This is more attractive to some, not so much to many who probably would have jumped right into bed with him before.

If you are a fan of Indie movies and a fan of movies that allow your brain to fit the puzzle pieces into slots of your choice instead of a necessary pattern, Naked Beneath The Water may just be the tasty stork delivered pickle your brain has been craving. I personally saw the ending coming from a mile away, but then again I am superfreak movie watcher and cannot consider myself a member of normal society in that aspect. (On the internet this makes me a God to be argued with, in person this makes me a loser.)

Overall, you may just want me to shut up and tell you how many stars in the sky should be pulled down for this movie or how many thumbs I pull out of my ass to rank it, but if you cannot tell from my hacked out review it is the sort of movie you need to watch yourself. It is a mixed bag that needs to be studied and more than likely you can find a copy to buy or rent relatively cheap, your education is worth it. Not to mention the extras on the DVD are really entertaining.

Naked Beneath The Water on a scale from one to ten I don’t rate it; but you can gather it worked less as an entertainment, “suck me out of my own world” sort of affair and more like a “I’m peeking in at the madness of creation” sort of experience which leaves you to puzzle over whether it would be a zero or an eleven.

Reviewer: Wes Laurie

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