It was announced today that PHASE 7, another horror flick in the Bloody Disgusting Selects growing indie genre stable is headed for home release just in time for Halloween.

The Argentinian horror comedy directed by Nicolas Goldbart and starring Daniel Hendler, Federico Luppi, Jazmin Stuart, and Jose “Yayo” Guridi hits home on October 4th, 2011 via DVD, iTunes, TV Video on Demand and other platforms.

Read on for the official synopsis from PHASE 7 and dig on the artwork below!

Official Synopsis:

Coco (Daniel Hendler) just moved to his new apartment with 7 months pregnant wife Pipi (Jazmin Stuart) when their building is quarantined due to the outbreak of a deadly flu. Soon the residents become unexpected enemies, and Coco is forced to join forces with his next-door neighbor, the loony but well prepared and stocked Horacio, to defend the contents of his fridge and keep his pregnant wife safe. Meanwhile, outside the quarantined building, the world as we knew it is disappearing. No wonder no one came when they called for help.


Coming October 4th!