Hello Terror Tube readers!

Recently, The Horror Chick Heather Wixson had a chance to sit and chat with writer/director/special effects maestro Rob Hall about his upcoming web series “Fear Clinic” that is being shown on FearNet.com.

“Fear Clinic” stars horror icons Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris and Lisa Wilcox and centers around Dr. Andover (Englund), who runs a clinic to help people face their fears through the use of a fear chamber.  However, what Andover begins to realize is that the fear chamber causes the patient’s fears to manifest in very real ways and he becomes obsessed with curing them at a deadly price.

In the following clip, Hall discusses working on the web series as well as what his own phobias are.

“Fear Clinic” is set to start running this October exclusively on FearNet.

- Heather Wixson