If you like your music to come from the 80′s then you are probably well aware of an artist by the name of Tiffany. At one point and time maybe you wished you could be alone with her as she sang the hit song “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Considering she was just a kid back then hopefully you were a teen and not of the creepy old perve persuasion. Well, now-a-days Tiffany can no longer be simply introduced as an 80′s pop icon because she has escalated her career into much more, touching on to the Billboard charts once again with a dance music hit entitled Higher, parts on television, showing her parts in Playboy, and also delving into movie acting. Her role in the upcoming horror movie Necrosis got my attention and after a little bit of e-mail and phone tag I got connected with Tiffany who was gracious enough to submit to an interview.

Check out our interview with Necrosis director Jason Stephens to get more 411 on the project being discussed. A brief summary: Necrosis is about a group of friends at a cabin in the snow and possibly being terrified by the ghosts of the Donner Party. To keep tabs on Tiffany and listen to some of her tunes be sure to check out her Myspace page as well as her official site www.tiffanymusicsite.com.

I thank Tiffany for speaking with me and for those of you who have never had the pleasure of talking on the phone with her she has a very friendly tone and laughs in all the right places. So imagine that as you read on because I didn’t type out any sound effects.

TERRORTUBE: What did you have for breakfast?

“A Veggie omelet.”

TERROR: How did you get involved with Necrosis?

“Obviously I have agents and stuff like that…so, it came across my path and I read the script, and then I met the director and thetiffany2 writer and they were really awesome. It is just something I have wanted to do, to get back into acting. It depends on liking the script, liking the part, and meeting the people; feeling like you have something you can really work with. Jason and Robert are awesome.”

TERROR: Anything you can tell us about your character?

“Karen is totally in love with Michael. They’ve been together in my mind, somewhere around five years and they’re going out to have a great time. Michael has just bought a house up in the snow and she is excited. She is kind of a happy-go-lucky kind of girl; very playful and fun to be around.”

TERROR: How is the shoot going so far? Enough snow?

“We got a lot of snow. It was really perfect. It is beautiful out there, absolutely stunning. I’m wrapped now so I’m on my way back home. Today was really, really snowy so I think I got out of there in time.”

TERROR: Did you do any screaming in the movie?

“I don’t. I get a chance to be more flirtatious and there are parts where I am a little more freaked out and concerned, but I didn’t have to do any screaming. I do end up passing away, but it is done very tastefully.”

TERROR: Will there be any of your music on the soundtrack?

“Yes. There’s a song called “Winter’s Over.” I’m hoping that it will make it, looks like it’s a go and I’m real excited about it. It’s a song that I wrote in 1993 and it just made it on my last album. I’m thrilled for it to be in the soundtrack. It’s totally appropriate, I’m so glad, it just would really compliment, I hope the movie.”

TERROR: Do you have any other acting gigs lined up?

“I have a lot of hosting stuff that is upcoming. I’ve been given scripts before, but not anything I felt really passionate about and again it was meeting the directors and the writer, and everyone this project has been so great. All of the other actors were wonderful it was really just a lot of fun and that is something…I mean we can go to work trying something new and having a blast with it as well and just feel secure. Everyone is so easy going and there to support each other.”

TERROR: Any horror movies that you like or dislike?

“I’m a vampire girl. Anything that has vampires and that kind of thing. I’m not a big slasher kinda chick. I’m not somebody who will go and see Saw or Hostel. It’s too much real life for me; I’m on the road all the time. I stay at some funky places in little towns, so that kind of stuff isn’t very fun for me to see. It can make me look at people kinda weird and makes me a little paranoid. I’m really someone that likes zombies, vampires, werewolves, and stuff like that.”

TERROR: Do you have a favorite candidate in the presidential race?

“Not really. I have mixed emotions. I’m pretty reserved when it comes to politics and I make a last minute decision, but I really thoroughly want to hear everyone and check everyone out.”

TERROR: You were on Celebrity Fit Club, do you get any just plain weird offers for shows?

“Constantly. There’s always stuff to get involved in that could be potentially weird. Anytime I’ve done reality tv I’ve done better with a goal in mind like losing weight, or learning something new. I probably wouldn’t do to well hanging out with other celebrities in like the Surreal World or something like that.”

TERROR: Are you grooming your kid for a musical career?

“No, I’m not grooming him to be a musician. If he wanted to I would totally support him. It looks like he might have to be someone who has a real job.”

TERROR: Is Weird Al’s song I Think I’m A Clone Now funny?

“Oh I think it’s hysterically funny. I totally enjoy it.”

TERROR: What’s for dinner?

“We’re on the road tonight. More than likely it will be Denny’s and lots of coffee.

I always love to cook. When we were up at the cabin we all had our own kitchenettes and I made a trip to Wal-Mart the first day and as much as I loved the restaurant up there I couldn’t really stay away for a week and not cook something. So one night I cooked chicken marsala.”

- Wes Laurie